How can my congregation participate in Stand-Up Sunday?

On the weekend of Jan. 29-31, 2016 over 1,300 congregations across South Carolina synchronized their hearts, voices and feet to reduce gun violence. It's not too late to sign up for a rally at the State House this spring to call for background checks on all gun purchases. Sign up anyone interested, and we'll contact you once the date and time are set.

Thousands of letters to our legislators were signed as members of congregations across the state exited their services. Our voices have been heard in Columbia!

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​​Why participate in Stand-Up Sunday?

  • Your congregation cares about 32,000 Americans a year dying from gun violence.
  • The South Carolina Christian Action Council has endorsed Stand-Up Sunday for all SC congregations.
  • Nine out of ten South Carolinians want background checks on ALL gun purchases. That's 91% of Republicans, 90% of Democrats. Nationally, 85% of gun owners agree.
  • Stand-Up Sunday doesn't threaten the 2nd Amendment right to lawfully possess guns.
  • It's more vital now than ever that the 90% make its voice heard to keep guns from falling into wrong hands.

Send nine members from your congregation -- any number are welcome, of course -- to "stand up" for the Emanuel AME Nine and join hundreds of others at a State House rally in the spring of 2016 that could turn the tide on passing gun purchase background check legislation.​ Enter those volunteers' names and email addresses in the sign-up box below. We'll notify everyone of the date and time when the critical moment occurs.

​Sign UP to Show UP!

Step 1:​​ Synchronizing Our Hearts​​ - Complete!

Stand-Up Sunday SC is hosted by Gun Sense SC, a diverse, grassroots group of South Carolinians that formed in the aftermath of the Emanuel AME killings to reduce gun violence by educating, raising awareness and supporting nonpartisan legislation for background checks on all commercial gun purchases.  Visit for more information 

More than 1300 congregations across SC addressed gun violence and took steps to reduce it on the weekend of Jan. 30/31 all across South Carolina.

Step 1: Complete!
Step 2: Complete!

​Step 3:
 Synchronizing Our Feet